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AM2908 AM2908


 Operating Voltage Range : 10 to 50V
 Low RDS(ON) : HS +LS = 45mΩ
 4.5A Continuous Current, 8A Peak Current
 Low Standby Current < 1uA
 Overcurrent Protection
 Thermal Shutdown Protection
 Undervoltage Lockout
 Fault Indicator Pin
 Charge Pump Circuit
 SOP16 Package for small PCB layout
 Halogen-Free Green Product & RoHS Compliant Package


AM2908 is a brushed DC motor driver IC, provides outside PWM pulse to control motor speed, and it drivers current capability up to 4.5A continuous and 8A peak.
The device provides well protections for motor and device itself including internal functions for overcurrent, over temperature and UVLO protection. 
 Application
 Massage Chair
 Robotic Vacuum
 Window Cleaning Robot
 Electric Curtain
 Electric Linear Actuator
 Cobot
 Pump(Water / Air)
 Power Tool

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