pin assignment

AM9268Q AM9268Q


1) Direct-PWM-driving system
2) Current limit circuit
3) Built-in thermal-shut-down circuit
4) One built-in voltage regulator (1.2V~4.0V)
5) Built-in Thermal-shut-down
6) Low consumption
7) The mode is able to be selected by the two control terminals.
- ON/OFF of loading, and other 8 channels and standby mode


The AM9268Q is 8-Channel motor driver IC which has 2 Channel PWM drivers for sledge motor, 2 Channel BTL drivers for collimator motor, 3 channel actuator drivers and 1 tray driver. The PWM control system for sledge is used to reduce IC power dissipation. This IC also has 1 independent precision voltage regulator with enable control. Output voltage adjustable range is from 1.2V to 4.0V.It has built-in thermal-shut-down circuit. Package material is Pb free.

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