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AM8068 AM8068


Wide supply voltage range (2.0V~6.8V)
Maximum output continuous current 0.9A
Low standby mode current (Typ=0.01μA)
Low quiescent operation current
Low MOSFETs On-resistance 0.6Ω@Io=0.2A ; 0.65Ω@Io=0.6A
Provide four operation modes: forward/reverse/stop/brake
Thermal shutdown protection
SOT23-6 package for small size PCB layout
Pb-Free and Halogen-Free Green product


The AM8068 is one channel H-Bridge driver, It provides integrated motor-driver solution for toys, robotics, consumer products and other low voltage or battery-powered motion control applications. The output driver block consists of N-channel and P-channel power MOSFETs configured as an H-bridge to driver DC motor.
The AM8068 operates on a motor and a device power-supply voltage from 2.0 V to 6.8 V. It can supply up to 0.9 A of output continuous current. There is internal shutdown function for over-temperature protection.
The small package, reducing 20% package size compared with SOP8 size, have a miniaturizing advantage even more.
Package material is Pb-Free and Halogen-Free (Green) for the purpose of environmental protection and for sustainable development of the Earth.
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